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and he who has hope has everything.
(Arabian proverb)

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The purpose of a therapeutic medical experiment or observation study is intended to benefit and help observe participants while using accepted procedures and products to track health outcomes, whereas clinical research is intended to learn about a medication or procedure to potentially help patients in the future.

The medical and research team at Life Institute have been involved in Stem Cell Therapy, therapeutic medical experiments since 2011.

Under the leadership of Dr Robert Smigielski and Dr Daniel Kopko, in partnership with the Polish Stem Cell Bank (PBKM) and their biological engineering team, have developed one of the first Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) protocols in Europe using pure mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a patients own (autogenic) adipose (fat) tissue or donor (allogenic) umbilical cord (Wharton’s Jelly), isolated and expanded for therapeutic use.

The use of ATMP products can only be administered to medical institutions like Life Institute which have the permission granted from the bioethics commission.

Laboratory Partner

Polish Stem Cell Bank (PKBM) is the largest stem cell bank in Europe. They have their engineering and pharmaceutical laboratory based in Warsaw, Poland.

PBKM uses the highest quality and safety standards, along with rigorous testing protocols under the direction of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector (GIF).

Taking part in the medical experiment

The project is administered by Life Institute with the support of PBKM using the latest knowledge in bio-regeneration and orthopaedic practices.
The innovative protocol that we follow ensures that we are able to administer the following to maximize the safety and desirable clinical results:

- Medical team with over 10 years of experience in administering bio-regenerative therapies.

- ATMP protocol ensures well-characterized, live stem cells, and are able to define the amount of mesenchymal stem cells in each therapeutic injection.

- The full process is under strict control and oversight from PBKM, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector and the Warsaw Regional Bioethics Committee.

- Program includes medical consultations, diagnostic imaging (magnetic resonance imaging), regular health marker controls, and administering of the therapy under the guidance of ultrasound.

- The costs for the therapy remain amongst the lowest in the world.

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