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Holistic Healthcare

Life Institute’s mission to help our patients improve their quality of life, this is deeply rooted in the fact that we believe that medicine can and should be done differently.

Through our holistic and comprehensive approach to health and well-being, we are more convinced than ever that our Concilium approach to your care is not only the best way, but the only way forward.

Our team of specialists works as a team, hand in hand to ensure you have the best diagnosis, plan and care.

The team of multi-disciplinary specialists at Life Institute combined forces with the leading edge expertise of
Life Orthopaedics and Life Physio to provide care that is:

We focus on preventative health and wellness practices.

We take a holistic approach because the answers are not always obvious, we find the root cause and connect the dots.

Each client, each care program is unique, tailored to your conditions, needs and goals.

All members of our medical team are involved in research and continued learning to ensure we offer medically proven and yet innovative care solutions.

We are deeply rooted in approaches in regenerative medicine, which offers leading adge minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.

The soreness in your joints may have more to do with what you are eating,
than a structural issue with your cartilage or tendons, which could result in further consultations and proposed treatments outside the field of
orthpaedics, for example with a nutritional expert.

We don’t just take a look through the lens of our orthopaedic expertise, when we meet with you – we do so with a full medical team of specialists on board.

We start by understanding your specific condition, review your medical history, do a full physical examination and if required, request imaging testing to get a clear sense of the issue to be able to propose the appropriate course of treatment along with a proposed rehabilitation plan.

Important to us in the process is to understand the root cause of your condition.

See our full team of specialists working together to provide you a holistic health and wellness experience – Team Life