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You can further stimulate the success of your stem cell therapy.

Similar to the fact that there is no ‘magical pill’ that we can take to address all our health issue, (as much as many of us wish it could be that easy.
Stem cell injections on their own, without the support of healthy lifestyle habits will be limited in their effect.

There are many aspects that are within your control to increase the quality of your stem cell therapy, whether using autogenic (own) cells or allogenic (donor) cells.

We encourage that 3 weeks pre and post your treatment you revisit your lifestyle habits to see which elements you can adapt to further enhance the success of your therapy.

The more sustainable the habit changes, the longer impact on your vitality and lifespan.

The team of Life multi-disciplinary experts can guide you through each step to ensure you are maximizing your nutritional intake, optimizing your exercise routine to your health condition and ambitions, and managing the stress on your body and mind while integrating new, healthy and long-lasting lifestyle habit changes.



Therapy readiness checklist

The following check list will help you in preparing for your therapy, recognizing that all of these elements would be best if they were part of your on-going lifestyle routines.


On the day of your therapy, wear comfortable clothing, and consider having someone drive you and pick you up.