Prevention; medicine the way it can and should be …

The advances in medicine and healthcare have brought us a long way, after all we have doubled life expectancy over the last century. An amazing accomplishment.

The challenge is that healthcare will not get us to where we need to be over the next century, as it is too much focused on the treatment of illness and disease, rather than on trying to prevent them.

An increase of chronic illnesses and the pressures of an ageing population are expected to increase pressure on healthcare.

We are living longer. Life expectancy continues to rise. With the increased wear and tear of the body’s natural stem cells, it increases cellular damage, and accelerates the natural process of ageing.

We need to count on our musculoskeletal system servicing us longer, to maintain an active, healthy life, to join the increasing number of centenarians worldwide.

Afterall, 100 is becoming the new 80.

Stem cell research is at the core of the biotechnology industry and regenerative medicine. It is often referred to as the most transformative medical innovation, and future growth engine of the 21st century.

  • With their regenerative properties, stem cells play a crucial role in delaying the ageing process.
  • The greatest hope in curing the world’s largest non-communicable diseases; heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes lie in stem cell therapy.
  • Stem cells are an important piece in the battle with inflammation, as mesenchymal stromal cells are immunosuppressive cells, meaning they can decrease inflammation through the release of anti-inflammatory factors.

Stem Cell Therapy is indeed set to transform healthcare. But it all must start with healthier lifestyles. Without the foundations of healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep habits, any regenerative therapy will be limited in effect.

Lifestyle matters

Studies show that by maintaining proper body weight, practicing a healthy diet and exercise routine, not smoking and moderating alcohol intake, results in lifespan increase by 12-14 years.

With a holistic approach to our health, a preventative mindset, healthy lifestyle routines, combined with regenerative therapies, you will be one of the growing number of centenarian’s, living life to the fullest.

Life – living younger longer